Labor Day – White Work Wear

White Work Wear

Who gets that old time rule of no white after labour day? Not me. I have done sufficient research on the matter to try to find its origin and basis, and have come up with nothing substantial.

White Work Wear

White Work Wear

So, until I figure out the need/reason for this no-white rule, I think I will keep rocking my whites whenever I choose. ┬áThe “where” I rock my white (bottoms) to is more of an issue to me. I am very skeptical about white bottoms in a corporate setting….I think it is a no-no. Do you ladies share similar sentiments?

I wanted to see how white pants when styled with a corporate flair in mind will look {one of the perks of blogging is I get to see how an outfit truly looks on before wearing it out to work :)}. I paired these off-white pants with a simple white tee and placed a light-weight blazer over to cover my bum (’cause that is so needed when wearing white pants. lol). For an even more toned-down look, I slipped on these black flats from Nine West.

Verdict: I am not really feeling it. I will feel quite silly if I found myself in this at work. I will stick to wearing these pants to social events alone. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


  • White Pants – Gift from a friend
  • Tee – Marshalls
  • Floral Blazer – Zara (styled differently here)
  • Shoes – Nine West ( I find Nine West shoes to be very sturdy and long lasting)

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  1. Yes! Keep wearing your whites after Labor Day! And I think white in the office is ok. As with anything, it just depends on what you wear it with. Thanks for sharing my Instastory!

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