Black, White & Floral

¬†A few years back (pre and during university), my ultimate attire/look/outfit involved a combination of black & white. Attending a formal dinner, a birthday celebration, a much anticipated party, a church event…you name it, I’d bust out my black and white. To me, it signified putting my best foot forward…looking my absolute best. Hehe

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Pink on Pink

Pink outfit for work

One of my favourite looks/colour combos involve wearing a lighter shade colour on a darker shade of the same colour. I find it one of the easiest tricks in the book to achieve that pulled together look without doing too much.

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Blue Stripes

Striped Work Shirt

Good Morning loves! Femi and I spent the past few days TREKKING the streets of Vegas and  touring surrounding hotspots. It is crazy, despite all I have heard about Las Vegas, I was not aware of the copious amounts of walking associated with the city! Since we were already nearby, we decided to tour the Hoover Dam (an engineering masterpiece, I tell you) and hiked along the spectacular Grand Canyon (even more walking. :)) A lovely trip and I look forward to our return in the coming years.

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Gingham Shirt Dress


Gingham Look

I whipped out this gingham shirt dress for work the other day. [Aside: saying the word “gingham” reminds me of that guy – the Gangnam Style singer. What is he up to these days?]

The gingham look seems to be ubiquitous this summer. Although, I guess gingham never really does fade away – black (or blue/red/any other colour) checkered with white will always make a classic look. I have included a few lovely gingham looks in the sidebar.

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